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It takes guts, dedication and a love of nature to be a cowgirl or cowboy these days. Ranching is a way of life. It demands a hard and an honest work ethic, 24-7. But the rewards can be high. Ranching yields a strong bond between family and friends. Most of all, it provides a sense of freedom and a way of life cherished by those who live it.

A Cowboy Needs Wide Open Spaces
A cowboy needs wide-open spaces, wild, untamed places, untrammeled trails and grassy hills and dales.
A cowboy needs meadows that have never been plowed, room to roam freely around. A cowboy needs to be where deer and antelope abound.
A cowboy needs water clear, pure, and bright. A cowboy needs to look up at the stars at night.
A cowboy needs to breathe air that's fresh and clean, and see he's part of Nature's scene.
A cowboy needs the panoramic vistas of the open range... to see the seasons change.
A cowboy needs to have all these things that Nature's arranged, 'Cause if he doesn't, that cowpoke'll become plumb "de-ranged!" ~ Paul Harwitz
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