Bev grew up with a love of animals, particularly the horse. After graduating from college with a degree in Fine Art she travelled extensively for work. Bev lived and worked in Hong Kong and Europe for many years as a designer for corporate investment banking and publishing. Photography became a hobby as she travelled the back roads of Asia and Europe during her spare time.
Upon returning to the United States she settled on a small ranch with her family in Northern Arizona where she lives today with her many horses, cats and dogs.
Over the years Bev has developed an art style that evokes emotion through her unique choice of subjects and her ability to connect with them. Bev’s yearning to capture the essence of wild horses in their natural state has taken her to some of the most remote locations in North America where she has spent days and nights on end “living” amongst the herds while camping in her 4 Runner. Bev says that she has learned more about the mentality of the horse by watching the civility of herd behavior at a watering hole in the vast prairies of Utah than she has in all the years of having her own horses. Finding the trust in these wild animals is a thrill not often realized by many.
Her multiple visits to Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia are dreams come true. The wild horses on Sable Island are uniquely different than any other breed in the world. They have thrived on this small island living wild and free, untouched by humans, for over 300 years. Sadly, America’s wild horses are facing tough times. Continued government roundups and herd removals from our public lands are happening at an alarming rate. Bev hopes to be able to bring humanity back by educating the public through her images about the strife of our wild horses that are still able to roam freely in the remote Western United States.
Each of her images is edited individually to illustrate her connection with her subject. Some work best as color images, others are toned in various hues to best reflect the feel of the image. Applying her own unique, artistic touch to every image allows it to live on its own.
She says she “knows” every horse she has ever photographed, as if they were her own. She reflects their personality and captures their essence in each horse through her photographs. Her vast experience with horses allows her to capture images that very few could do. Her landscape work reflects the vastness of the West. You will often find her roaming the backroads of Monument Valley, alone, searching for a unique viewpoint where she can capture the spirit and vastness of such magical places. Her love of the West and its diverse culture is evident through her unique vision and photographic style in her portraiture work. Through her images, she strives to bring the viewer along with her on her adventures and travels.

"The joy that I feel when I am with a horse is unsurpassed. Horses have a calming effect like none other. If you give a horse a chance and really try to understand them, they can be your best friend for life! " Bev Pettit
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