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Sable Island is a crescent shaped, sliver of an island located 150 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. There are about 500 feral horses roaming freely here. The Sable Island horses exist nowhere else. Since these horses have lived on the island for over two hundred and fifty years by way of natural selection, without any human intervention whatsoever, they are of special interest to conservationists, scientists and biologists who study their behavior regularly. And since there is such a few number of them in a small area they are considered endangered and at high risk for extinction.
Sable Island wild stallionsLong Mane StallionNashville PenthouseFamily Band walk on the BeachTime for a SwimGallop on!A lovely family bandLone Stallion SilhouetteA Conversation (B&W)Two Sable StallionsDune WalkingGhost Horses Running FreeDune PathLone Stallion along the DunesFreedom CloseupStallion HuddleCall of the WildBeach Life (color)