The horses in this Collection represent free roaming horses on various American private and public lands.
Return to Freedom is a private wild horse sanctuary in California. The organization has rescued countless horses from the many US Government roundups on our public lands in the West. Return to Freedom provides a safe haven for 400 horses and burros today. Return to Freedom
The Cumberland Island horses are considered "feral" as they were once domesticated but have reverted to a wild state and now live freely on this small government run park off the coast of Georgia without support from humans.

Cumberland Island Horses
It is debatable whether Navajo horses are wild, feral or domestic. The reservation horses roam a very large range between Arizona and Utah and New Mexico through open borders. Sometimes they are set loose to fend for themselves, yet are still owned by a Navajo family.
The Sand Wash Basin horses live in the North West corner of Colorado on public and private lands but managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They are a beautiful and colorful herd of around 800.
As are all wild horses living freely on America's public lands the Sand Wash Basin horses are "protected" by the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. The term "protected" is being questioned more and more each year by taxpayers and advocates as thousands of wild horses are being removed from our public lands and sent to holding pens in the United States.
Wild Horse and Burrow Act of 1971
Sand Wash Basin Stallions, ColoradoDungeness Horses (Cumberland Island)Harmony (Return to Freedom)Protect Me (Sand Wash, Colorado)Shy One (Sand Wash Basin)Two Alike (Navajo)Let's play (Navajo)Freedom 1 (Return to Freedom)Freedom 4 (Return to Freedom)Freedom 2 (Return to Freedom)Freedom 3 (Return to Freedom)Show Off (Sand Wash Basin)Chief on the Lookout (Return to Freedom)Chief GrazingSand Wash Basin StallionsSand Wash Basin StallionSand Wash Basin Action, ColoradoSunset Run (Return to Freedom)Wild Horse Run Panorama (Return to Freedom)Emerge (Cumberland Island)